Offering academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment.

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Equipping in Christ...Focusing on Excellence


Martin Luther School prides itself on providing academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. We are blessed to have a dedicated staff of ND State Certified teachers that focus on the individual needs of each child and help develop these leaders of tomorrow. Our teachers not only excel in helping students reach their highest academic potential, but they also act as great Christian role models. In addition to regular classes in Religion, we teach the same subjects as other schools. We have the advantage to teach all of our classes from a Christian perspective.

Academic Offerings

FAITH FORMATION - Students participate in daily devotions, religions classes, memory work, weekly worship and a variety of service project.

LITERACY - Students work at their individual reading level in our Balanced Literacy program.   The Daily 5 also covers writing, grammar, spelling, handwriting, and speaking skills.

MATH - Saxon math is used throughout the grades.  Advanced placement allows students to work at their  instructional level.

SOCIAL STUDIES -  Topics include North Dakota, American and World history;  geography  and government.

SCIENCE - General science coursework in grades K—6, followed by Earth science and Life science in alternate years.

COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY - Instruction in keyboarding, word processing, Power Point, and Intro to spreadsheets.  Activeboards and iPads are used in instruction.

PERFORMING ARTS - Our Luther Academy of Music offers Band, beginning in the fourth grade, and individual piano, string, and guitar lessons.  All students participate in choir.  Students in grades 4-6 may also join Bell Choir.

ART - Lessons focus on the elements and principles of art, art history, drawing, painting,  and pottery.

FOREIGN LANGUAGE - Grades K-6 participate in Spanish class.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Including body strength and fitness, group games, individual and team sports, lifetime sports.

HEALTH - Topics of study include injury prevention and safety, nutrition, diseases, other personal health issues.