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Martin Luther School prides itself on providing academic excellence in a Christ-centered environment. We are blessed to have a dedicated staff of ND State Certified teachers that focus on the individual needs of each child and help develop these leaders of tomorrow. Our teachers not only excel in helping students reach their highest academic potential, but they also act as great Christian role models. In addition to regular classes in Religion, we teach the same subjects as other schools. We have the advantage to teach all of our classes from a Christian perspective. We are also transitioning to a model of classical education.

The education system called “classical education’ was developed over two millennia with the goal of developing young minds to be wise.
At the core of classical education is the trivium. The trivium’s three phases are adapted to three phases of development in children:
Grammar (Grades K-5)
Logic (Grades 6-7)
Rhetoric (Grades 9-12)
Students in the grammar stage typically are excited about learning, enjoy stories, chants, songs and repetition. Memorization is especially easy at this
stage and is the optimum time to help students become storehouses of information that they can refer back to as they grow into the logic and rhetoric stages.
Activities that help students learn in the grammar stage involve hands-on activities, field trips, collections integration of subjects, drama, displays,
and explaining what they’ve learned.
Faith Formation- “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Proverbs 9:10. Sharing the faith is integrated in all that we do. Students begin
and end the day in prayer, have daily devotions and regularly participate in Bible studies.
Memory Work- Students in the grammar stage more easily memorizeand build up store house of information that they can use later as they start
to apply all that they’ve learned. Learning God’s Word by heart (AKA ‘Memory Work’) is a regular part of the studies at Martin Luther School.
Literacy–We use the reading, spelling, writing curriculum from Memoria Press. The classical approach begins by creating a solid foundation
in phonics using quality literature and text. The use of cursive handwriting has been shown to improve reading and cognitive skills and is
introduced as early as the 1st grade.
Math– Saxon math is used throughout the grades. Advanced placement allows students to work at their optimum instructional level.
Science-The classical approach covers the basic elements of science by incorporating observational science, integrating hands-on scientific
experimentation, and firmly grounding students in the facts of science.
Physical Education– This includes body strength and fitness, group games, individualand team sports, and lifetime sports.
History – We believe that students learn history best if taught chronologically. Students begin the historical time line as follows:
Latin- as a basis for the study of English, as well as many other languages, Latin is an incredibly useful language for our
young learners to study. It is the springboard for other language aquisition.

Art-Artistic concepts and great artists are taught at all levels. Students have the opportunity to create their own works of art

in many and various mediums.