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Equipping in Christ...Focusing on Excellence

About Us

Here at Martin Luther School, we aim to provide each student that walks through these halls an outstanding education with a strong, competitive curriculum, an emphasis on Christian faith, and offers a safe in environment that has a zero tolerance for bullying. We benefit from smaller class sizes for students in preschool-6th grade, which allows for more individualized attention to each student.

There are many advantages of a Christian-based education at Martin Luther School. Students will be motivated by a commitment to the gospel. Everyone has a learning style that is unique to them. Our teachers and staff will be able to help your child grow a more positive mindset, and be able to assist your child to ensure that they succeed. Students will also create lasting relationships with classmates. These relationships will be strengthened by a Christian faith belief system shared by the students and staff.

It is important for students to walk away with a sense of confidence that they may not have gained through a standard school. Focusing on beliefs will also help them flourish spiritually. Once they complete our curriculum, their lives should be forever changed in a positive, Christian attitude.

We encourage you to take a look around our website and visit Martin Luther School to see what benefits a Christian-based education can do for your child.